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Constitution of Zimbabwe

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The Constitution of Zimbabwe is the supreme law of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe's latest constitution was voted for in and approved in a referendum of 16 March 2013. Before the current constitution, Zimbabwe used the a constitution negotiated at the 1979 Lancaster House Agreement as Zimbabwe became independent of the United Kingdom after a protracted war of independence.

In 2000, an attempt was made to create a new constitution but the proposed constitution, drafted by a constitutional convention, was defeated by a constitutional referendum held from on 12 to 13 February 2000.

Following a contested election result in the 2008 presidential elections in Zimbabwe, the country's 3 major political parties, ZANU-PF, MDC-T and MDC negotiated a new proposed constitution after a constitutional outreach program.

The new constitution was approved in the referendum of 16 March 2013 and parliament approved it on 9 May 2013.

Download the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) Act, 2013

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