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Denzel Burutsa

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Denzel Burutsa
Denzel Burutsa
Nationality Zimbabwe
Education Afda Film School (South Africa)
  • Actor
  • Producer

Denzel Burutsa is one of the most prominent actors who rose to stardom playing the character Jabulani Jari in one of the most popular local drama series, Studio 263.


Denzel was previously married to fellow studio 263 co-actor Chipo Bizure and they had a son together before splitting in 2005.[1]


Denzel Burutsa's claim to fame was with Studio 263 in which he played the role of Jabulani Jari. He proved to be a very talented actor in countless scenes most of which he featured his friend on set, Kizito Mawoko better known as Dread Welly or DWP. In the drama series, he plays the role of a troublesome son who is always disappointing his parents but is eventually forced to take responsibility of family affairs following the death of his father.

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Film Production

Following the demise of the tv series, Burutsa attended the Afda Film School in Johannesburg South Africa where he studies film production.[2] Apart from having partaken in the production of films such as The Courier, he has also produced music videos for several local artistes such as Stunner, Trey Yung, Shinsoman and Sanii Makhalima.[2] Currently Burutsa works as a full time film and video producer which has seen him collaborating with other producers such as Simba Gee.

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