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Douglas Mwonzora

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Douglas Mwonzora
Douglas Mwonzora
Born Douglas Mwonzora
Nationality Zimbabwe
Education University of Zimbabwe
Alma mater University of Zimbabwe
  • Advocate
  • Politician.
Political party

Douglas Mwonzora is a prominent politician affiliated with the Movement for Democratic Change, he is also an advocate.

The GNU Era

Mwonzora became more famous in the Zimbabwean political fraternity after the controversial elections in 2007 which did not yield a clear winner. This resulted in a series of negotiations and confrontations between the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) led by Robert Mugabe and the Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai as well as the Arthur Mutambara MDC faction.[1]

Douglas Mwonzora who was the spokesperson of MDC-T party during this period was on the fore front of denouncing the Robert Mugabe led government for rigging the elections. He was also instrumental in the negotiations which subsequently followed after the controversial elections.

In the Negotiating Team

The MDC party's negotiating team included its president Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti the then Secretary General, Thokozani Khupe as the vice president and Nelson Chamisa as the National Organising Secretary among others. Mwonzora's position automatically put him on the fore front since he was the voice of the party in the negotiations which were mediated by former president Thabo Mbeki of South Africa who was later on replaced successor Jacob Zuma. Not only did he claim fame in the local media but also in the international media as the political impasse in Zimbabwe attracted international attention especially from the west and the eastern countries.

As COPAC Co-Chair

Mwonzora was appointed by his MDC party to represent the party in the constitution making process which began after the formation of the Government of National Unity on 2007. Douglas Mwonzora together with Paul Mangwana of ZANU PF has been credited for coming up with the country's first constitution after independence.

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2013 Elections

During the controversial 2013 harmonised elections, Mwonzora lost his parliamentary seat to a ZANU PF candidate. His Nyanga North Constituency in Manicaland went to the ruling party and he automatically was removed from parliament because of the loss. He however contested the results arguing that there were a lot of irregularities which took place. He argued that the voters' role especially in his constituency did not reflect the number of people registered to vote in the constituency. His pursuit for transparency failed to yield results as the constitutional court threw away his application.

Elevation in the Party

Mwonzora brew a shocker when he beat his colleague in the party Nelson Chamisa in the 2014 elective congress held in Harare. Nelson Chamisa who was the Kuwadzana member of Parliament was contesting for the position of the Secretary General which was left vacant after the departure of Tendai Biti who formed a new political party.[2]

Mwonzora, who until elective congress was the party's secretary for information, amassed 2,464 votes against Chamisa's 1,756.[3]

Until the MDC-T internal poll, Mwonzora looked headed to the proverbial slaughter by the youthful and popular legislator after his entry into the competition was only occasioned by a single nomination from his Manicaland home province against Chamisa's overwhelming 11. But the practising lawyer was adamant focus carried the day for his surprise victory over the charismatic Chamisa, who now becomes an ordinary member of the party.[3]

Boot-licking Allegations

Prior to the 2014 elective congress, Mwonzora was accused of boot-licking on the party president Morgan Tsvangirai. He did not oppose Tsvangirai's move to centralise power. This move had been seriously opposed by some senior party members such as Chamisa. It is also speculated that Mwonzora's good relations with former Prime Minister necessitated his rise to the position of the Secretary General of the party. As a result of these allegations, there was speculation that his relationship with former organising secretary Nelson Chamisa deteriorated. This has also been placed in the context of the on-going succession battles and intra-party politics.[4]

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