Johannes Ndanga

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Johannes Ndanga
Bishop Johannes Ndanga, ACCZ
Bishop Johannes Ndanga
Personal details
Nationality Zimbabwean
Denomination Christian
Residence Zimbabwe
Occupation President of the Apostolic Churches Council of Zimbabwe

Johannes Ndanga is a Zimbabwean religious figure and leader of the Apostolic Churches Council of Zimbabwe.

Religious career

Bishop Ndanga was elected president of the ACCZ.

Clash with the Vapostori and Beating of the Police

In December 2014, Ndanga was part of the controversy between ACCZ and a local Vapostori church led by Madzibaba Ishmael Chokurongerwa.[1] The controversy between the two parties involved the abuse of women and children. Ndanga as the overseer of the religious body which administers local churches went to their Budiriro shrine to address the issue. This resulted in the Vapostori under Madzibaba Ishmael responding violently by beating up several members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Journalists and some ACCZ officials who had accompanied Ndanga. He was lucky to escape unhurt.[1]

Allegations of Politicising Churches

Ndanga was in 2011 accused of politicising church business. In 2011, he is said to have requested ZANU-PF to provide cars and allowances to church leaders who were spearheading party business. This attracted attention from locals who felt that the church should be not be aligned to any political party.[2]

Remarks Against Magaya

In May 2015, Ndanga made remarks that Walter Magaya founder and leader of PHD Ministries was " agent of the devil...". Ndanga made allegations that Magaya had gone to Nigeria to get satanic powers which had resulted in various misfortunes such as the death of congregants in Kwekwe in 2014. Ndanga also criticised Magaya for partnering social controversial characters such as Beverly Sibanda.[3]

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Ndanga Speaking about Magaya
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