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Killer T

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Killer T
Killer T, Kelvin Kusikwenyu, Zimdancehall
Killer T
Background information
Birth name Kelvin Kusikwenyu
Born (1990-01-10) January 10, 1990 (age 27)
Genres Zimdancehall
Occupation(s) Zimdancehall artist, Songwriter

Killer T, is a Zimbabwean born and award winning Zimdancehall artists based in Mbare. Killer T rose to fame with his popular song Makarova Ganaz (Shona & colloquial for You beat up a soldier). He is known for a signature gun sound, Po po po, which is usually part of his songs.


Killer T was born Kelvin Kusikwenyu on 10 January 1990, in Mbare and was orphaned at a young age he had to make ends meet in order to survive.[1] Killer T attended St Peter’s Primary School before proceeding to George Stark School for his secondary education.[1]

The name Killer T is a combination of the Kusikwenyu's nickname Killer which he got from his brother who always referred to him as a “killer” of dancehall lyrics, and T short for Temptation, the name of a young brother he used to sing with.[1]

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Having grown up in the neighbourhood of Mbare, Killer T's songs are inspired by youth life in the ghetto. He has said that he sings what he comes across everyday. "There are things that happen here in Mbare that are so interesting. In fact, I get inspiration from the people here. Their lifestyles, aspirations and challenges make me want to pen more songs".[1]

Picture Gallery



  • Bvunzai Tinzwe (November 2016)
  1. Bvunza Tinzwe
  2. Dai Maigona Kunamata
  3. Hauchateerera
  4. Kugara Newe
  5. Mafans Angu
  6. Mutoro Warema
  7. Ndisungei “Nhaiwe Rufu
  8. Umwe Wangu “Vakandinyararira
  9. Vana Vangu
  10. Vanorohwa Nemabeers
  11. Wakandigona
  • Ngoma Ndaimba (2015)
  • Ghetto Yute Outta Mbare (Iton Music)


  1. Tirikumhanya
  2. Makarova Ganaz
  3. Suspects
  4. Ziso Rako Hameno
  5. Baby
  6. Garai Mavaudza
  7. Baby
  8. Ghetto yutts
  9. Handizi mumero
  10. Kundiso ya Jehov
  11. Mandisimbisa
  12. Mwanasikana
  13. Officer
  14. Sharon
  15. Sir Ricardo
  16. Mamero feat Crossfire
  17. Usipo - feat Vanessa
  18. Whine Up
  19. Mogo Dzavanoputa
  20. Makazviwana Kupi (aka Zvamunotaura Makazviwanepiko)
  21. Zitsamwa Rekwaamai Azukah
  22. Pamakati - feat Shinsoman (Sept 2013)
  23. Imbondipawo Time
  24. Vaisada Kuti Ndirarame
  25. Varikurova nemamboma
  26. My Queen
  27. Kundiso yaJehovah
  28. Nyangwe Zvikaoma
  29. Handizi Mumero
  30. Ngatifare - feat Seh Calaz
  31. Pachi Terrorist
  32. Havarove Mangoma (Vano Blockesa matoilets)
  33. Hameno Ikoko
  34. Musazobhoshe veketaz
  35. We Nah Going Home
  36. Noise
  37. Makandisiya nechironda
  38. Mudumbu Mangu
  39. Ndoda Kuiburitsa
  40. Nhasi ndakarova white
  41. Takange Takafarisa
  42. Ishe Tipeiwo Njere
  43. Tiri Kunanaira
  44. Ndavajambisa Waya - Collaboration with Crystal
  45. Popopo hear me now - Collaboration with Shinsoman


Product Endorsements

In February 2014, Killer T got a one year endorsement deal with Innscor Africa's quick service restaurant brand, Chicken Inn.[2] As part of the endorsement he would feature in the brand’s radio and television commercials.

International Appearances

In March 2014, Killer T made his debut appearance at the Zimbabwe Cup Clash dancehall fete held annually at the Dunstable Leisure Centre in the United Kingdom. Killer T said the UK show was to be his first time to fly out of Zimbabwe.[2]


Zimdancehall Awards 2014 Winners

  • 2014 Zimdancehall Awards - Best Upcoming artist
  • 2014 Zimdancehall Awards (Nominee) - Artist 2013 MALE
  • 2014 Zimdancehall Awards (Nominee) - Best Collaboration (Shinsoman & Killer T - Pamakati)

Zimdancehall Awards 2015 Winners

  • Most Popular Artist In The Ghetto Award
  • Nominated for the Zimdancehall Ambassador Award
  • Nominated for Best Live Performer Award

Zimdancehall Awards 2016 Winners

  • Won Best Artist 2016 (Male)
  • Won Best Collaboration with Fungisai Zvakavapano for the song Vanondibatirana
  • Won Best Album for his 2015 Album Ngoma Ndaimba
  • Won Best Social Message for Chikorobho (tied with Seh Calaz)
  • Nominated for Song of the Year for Toda Kumbofarawo (won by Winky D’s Disappear)
  • Nominated for Best Conscious Song for Kumanikidzira Rudo (won by Seh Calaz’s Amai)
  • Nominated for Zimdancehall Ambassador (won by Freeman)

Ghetto life

Killer T is reported to have said that while he condemns criminal activities done by Ghetto youths, he understands what drives the behaviour. "These people want to pay rent. They have to do what a man has to do to survive. I condemn their activities but I do not blame them.[1]

Watch Videos

Killer T - Bvunza Tinzwe
Killer T - Hameno Ikoko (Stixx Media)
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Killer T - live In Second Avenue, Mbare, Harare, Zimbabwe
Live in U.K - Killa T Cup Clash 2014
Killer T & Crew Having a Good time @ Gunhill Studio Recording - Mbare, Harare, zimbabwe1
KILLER T - FREE STYLE @ CHILL SPOT...dec 12-12-2013
Killer Tee - Makarova Ganaz
UK Trip advert - Killer T -Dem popopopo!!!
Killer T's Final Moments Live In The UK -Zimbabwe
Return from UK at the airport
Killer T - 2014 (One Clan Riddim) Ishe Tipeiwo Njere
Killa T - Giro Giro Giroria
Killer T - Tirikunanaira [ZMBO FLAVOUR RIDDIM] Zimdancehall
Killer T - Jehovah Ndimi [HOME RUN RIDDIM JULY 2014] [Zimdancehall]
Killa T- Nditungamire No Mercy Riddim 2014
Killer T - Ndichauya [Summer Fiesta Riddim] Zimdancehall August 2014
Killer T - Imbondipawo Time [ZIMDANCEHALL RIDDIM]
Chicken Inn advert

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