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Kizito Mawoko

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Kizito Mawoko
Kizito Mawoko
Nationality Zimbabwe
Education Mabvuku High Scool
  • Actor
  • Musician
  • Choreographer

Kizito "Dread Welly" Mawoko is a Zimbabwean born actor and musician whose rose to prominence through the popular ZBC drama series, Studio 263.


He did his secondary education at Mabvuku High Scool Acting career

Kizito had a very successful career with Studio 263 which made him an instant hit with the followers of the drama series. Dread Welly was popular for many of his statements and confrontations with fellow actors on the series such as Nevernay Chinyanga (Muwengwa), Denzel Burutsa (Jabu) and Ben Sibenke (Mr Shereni), his father on set.

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Music career

Dread Welly has two albums to his name. The first album "Another Plan" which he released in 2005.[1] He followed up the first album with the other album titled "Plan B" in 2012.[2] The second album featured songs such as Not available and Zviri Ready which were recorded at DWP Studios which he established in 2011.


  • Another Plan
  • Plan B
Kamusikana katete
Current Occupation

Mawoko is said to be a taxi driver but occasionally ventures into music.[1] Trivia

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