Mutarazi Falls

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Mutarazi Falls
Mtarazi Falls
Mtarazi Falls, Mutarazi Falls, Zimbabwe waterfalls
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Location Honde Valley, Eastern Highlands, Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe
Type Tiered Horsetails
Total height 762m
Watercourse Mtarazi River
World height ranking 17th

The Mutarazi Falls on the Mtarazi River is a 762m tiered horsetail waterfall found in Honde Valley, Eastern Highlands, Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe.[1] It is Zimbabwe's highest waterfall, eclipsing even the mighty Victoria Falls and second highest in Africa.

Things You Should Know

The falls are also referred to as Mtarazi Falls and is commonly spelled without the "u" at the beginning of the name, however local residents state that spelling it with a "u" is the proper way, although we must note that the Zimbabwean Government once had a national park called "Mtarazi Falls National Park".[2] The falls are said to be the 6th largest in the world. Closely situated close to a game park where there is an array of wild animals such as hyenas, reedbucks, klipspringers, antelopes, predators and leopards. People can visit the falls all year round as the weather is said to be very conducive in all seasons.

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The waterfalls are situated in the north of Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands inside Nyanga National Park. Nyanga National Park was one of the first national parks to be declared in the country, containing the highest land in Zimbabwe, with green hills and perennial rivers. Mount Nyangani, the highest point in Zimbabwe, lies in the centre of the park and Mutarazi Falls is in the south of the park. Nyanga National park incorporates the former Mtarazi Falls National Park on its southern boundary.[3]


Mtarazi falls is said to be the 6th largest waterfall in the world.[4]

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