Queen Kadjah

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Queen Kadjah
Queen Kadjah
Born Tariro
Residence Warren Park
  • Zimdancehall Artist
  • Songwriter

Queen Kadjah is the stage name of a Zimbabwean female Zimdancehall artist. She has a number of popular songs to her name, including the popular 2015 song Nda Believer. She rose to prominence in 2015. She has worked on songs with other popular Zimdancehall artists such as Shinsoman and Kinnah.


  • Nda Believer feat Shinsoman, March 2016
  • Chinangwa
  • March Out
  • Up like Di Sky (Tsvagai Mabasa Riddim)
  • Handisi kuvakwata
  • Hondo Yakutanga
  • Vakutondigaira
  • Kuprezha
  • Ndibate ruoko
  • Queen Kadjah - Combat (Empire Attack Riddim November 2016)
  • Seshiri


Queen Kadjah Freestyle, Fantan at Chill Spot Recordz


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