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Theresa Shangazhike
Theresa "Shanky" Shangazhike , Zimbabwean US-based Musician
Theresa "Shanky" Shangazhike
Born Zimbabwe
Residence United Kingdom
Nationality Zimbabwean
  • Musician
  • Song writer
  • Model
Years active 2010 to present
Known for Music
Home town Harare

Theresa "Shanky" Shangazhike is a Zimbabwean born award-winning songwriter, performer and singer based in the United Kingdom. She rose to fame through her sensational urban grooves music which was played on online radio stations in both Europe and Africa.


Theresa Shangazhike was born and Zimbabwe. She moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 13.[1]

Music career

Shanky started her music career at the age of five when she joined the church choir at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Harare. She admitted that she only joined the choir not because of her love for music but because her elder sister was also part of the choir.[1] She had her dubut performance at the Zim Cup Clash in 2012.[2]

Shanky did her own version of the Zimbabwe National Anthem to celebrate the country's independence. The video was broadcasted on UK TV Channel and Youtube.[1]


  1. First Sight, Single track and video.
  2. Produced a hit track "Swederera" featuring Roby Gee
  3. Featured on Stunner and Roby Gee Music Video (Sele mama sele)
  4. Featured on Decibel ft Bkay and Kazz Music Video (Dancehall Style).[3]

Modelling career

Shangazhike is a part-time model - paid commercial work photoshoots for web pictures and also featured as an extra in MTV music video.[4]


Shanky is also quite involved in community-based projects such as concerts to help fundraise for charities such as the Faith in Action Charity in Africa, mainly Zambia and Zimbabwe.[1]


  1. Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA): Female Artist of the Year.


First Sight
Shanky Singing the Zimbabwe National Anthem
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