Tracy Mutinhiri

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Tracy Mutinhiri
Tracy Mutinhiri
Born Tracy Mutinhiri
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Politician.
Spouse(s) Ambrose Mutinhiri
Children Vimbai Mutinhiri

Tracy Mutinhiri is a Zimbabwean politician who was formerly a member of the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front. After some allegations of going against party policies and directives, Mutinhiri was expelled from the party. Mutinhiri eventually joined the Movement for Democratic Change which is a rival party to ZANU PF. She was previously married to Zimbabwe's liberation war hero, Ambrose Mutinhiri who is also a ZANU PF aligned politician.


Tracy Mutinhiri was born in 1956. She is the former wife of retired brigadier Ambrose Mutinhiri and mother to socialite, Vimbai Mutinhiri[1]

Firing From ZANU PF

She was previously a member of ZANU PF and a former deputy minister before her expulsion from the party. The charges raised by the ZANU PF disciplinary body against Mutinhiri alleged that she had engaged in actions which were not in line with ZANU PF's constitution and its standing regulations under Article 3, Section 18 (1) of the party’s constitution.[2] After her expulsion, Mutinhiri inevitably lost both her portfolios as deputy minister of Labour and Social Welfare and legislator for Marondera East.[2]

Posts Held in ZANU PF

  • Deputy minister of labour and social welfare
  • Legislator for Marondera East
  • Women's League political commissar
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The Joining of MDC T

After Mutinhiri was expelled from ZANU PF, it did not take long before she joined the MDC T and even contested for a parliamentary seat against former husband Ambrose Mutinhiri. There were mixed reactions from the MDC T camp and ZANU PF over the crossing of floors by Tracy Mutinhiri. The MDC stated that they would welcome her with open arms after her ill-treatment from ZANU PF while ZANU PF insisted that she was a traitor and deserved what she got.


Despite Mutinhiri having had a controversial exit from ZANU PF, she also hogged the limelight for having allegedly led to the crumbling of a seven year old marriage by having an affair with a married man. Mutinhiri was accused of having embarked on romantic foreign trips with the married man.[3] Mutinhiri was also mobbed by a crowd of alleged war veterans at her Marondera home after it was speculated that she was one of the ZANU PF members who had voted for an MDC T house of Assembly speaker.[4]

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