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Wicknell Chivayo

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Sir Wicknell
Wicknell Chivayo, Sir Wicknell
Wicknell Chivayo
Born Wicknell Monudaani Chivayo
(1982-11-22) November 22, 1982 (age 34)
  • Entrepreneur
  • Socialite
Employer Intratrek Zimbabwe (Private) Limited
Known for Making shocking posts on Facebook
Parents Isaac Mathias Chivayo

Wicknell Chivayo is a controversially outspoken business person in Zimbabwe known mostly for making posts on social media about his riches. His source of wealth is not known but he has been reported to be linked to corrupt business activities and having close ties to politicians in Zimbabwe including President Robert Mugabe's family. He calls himself Sir Wicknell.

Personal life

Wicknell Munodaani Chivayo,[1] also known as Sir Wicknell, was born on 22 November 1982. Chivayo would lose his father, Isaac Mathias Chivayo in car accident when he was 10 years old and would be raised by his mother in Chivhu's Gandami area.[1] Chivayo attended his primary school at Dudley Hall Primary School before enrolling at Churchill Boys High School for his secondary education. Chivayo who is said to have been brilliant at school, dropped out of school in 1996 while in form two for financial reasons.[1] He is said to still live with his mother[2]


In July 2017, Chivayo was reported to have paid lobola for his then fiance, Sonja Madzikanada.

War of words with Sister after getting married

Chivayo exhanged words with his United States of America based sister Moe, after he paid lobola for Sonja. The exchange took place over social media sites Instagram and Facebook. Moe started the feud by posting various posts on Facebook criticising Chivayo's decision to take his fiancee's side. Wicknell responded with:

…And if she (sister) thinks she can control me over someone I sleep with, she is a fool, she’s stupid, these are matters of the heart, I will take my girl any day. She will realise it later in life that she misses me.

I asked her why she would want to fight with my girlfriend ‘do you want me to marry her?’ Don’t forget the bedroom power, that whole blood is thicker than water is nothing[3]

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After quitting school, Wicknell is said to have gotten a job at a local bus company where he worked as a wages clerk. He was aged 15 by then. He later became an illegal money changer at Harare's Union Avenue Flea Market (now Kwame Nkrumah Avenue).[1] Wicknell would get involved in fraudulent activities and was alleged to steal US$6 million from an investor in Victoria Falls. He would go on to spend 2 years (2004-2006) at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison for the crime.[1] After his release Wicknell would become a millionaire overnight. He would state that he made his first million rand when he was 19 and his first million dollars when he was 23. Source of Wealth

Chivayo's source of wealth is not clear but reports have linked him to participating in corrupt tenders by the government. In an April 2016 radio interview, asked by interviewer, Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa what the source of his wealth was, Chivayo said he gets tender where he is paid millions of dollars:

“I’m surprised you would even ask me that. Because I’m all over the papers signing big deals. When you see me on ZBC signing a $123 million deal, I mean, that’s not a joke. What it means is that Zimbabwe Power Company is going to pay me $123 million, that’s what it means, literally.”[4]

News reports have indicated that Chivayo's company, Intratek is led by a chairman, Ibrahim Yusuf, has a history of drugs trafficking in Zambia and the sale of unapproved circumcision devices in South Africa.[5]

$600 million energy contracts from government

An investigation by a Zimbabwean media company, The Source, revealed in May 2016 that Chivayo's company had been award tenders to build power stations by the country's power company ZESA Holdings despite having no experience building power stations. [5]

The tender deals awarded to Intratrek and its partners include; a $73 million refurbishment of the Harare power station; a $163 million project to restore Munyati power station; a new $128 million hydropower station at Gairezi; and a $202 million 100MW solar power plant in Gwanda. Multiple irregularities were reported to have taken place as part of the deals.

Solar Project

In 2013 Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) — a subsidiary of ZESA Holdings floated a tender for the installation of 100MW solar power stations. Intratech would be part of the bidder but would go on to lose. However, controversially, the terms of the tender would be changed to allow Intratek (together with Chinese company ZTE) to be accepted and supply the solar stations.[6]

However, it would emerge that their initial partners, Greenfield Solar of Germany, did not have the financing for such a project, after being awarded the tender.[7] They would later enter into partnership with a Chinese company, China Electric Company, to build a now even bigger power station, said to be at the tune of US$750mln in Gwanda.[8]

After investigation the deal, The Source wrote:

In 2014, Intratrek announced it was partnering a company called Green Solar Europa to build a solar power station for $350 million. However, after the project went to tender, the State Procurement Board awarded the contract to China Jiangxi Corporation. The company won the deal after presenting the lowest bid of $184 million.

Soon afterwards, ZPC approached Jiangxi and demanded that it partner Intratrek, a losing bidder. In its initial formal bid, Intratrek had charged $248 million for the project, but ZPC now said the company, together with another losing bidder ZTE, had somehow agreed to lower their prices to match Jiangxi’s.

To add to the confusion, the SPB then wrote to Jiangxi in July 2014, informing the company that the deal was in fact now cancelled, purportedly because Jiangxi had suddenly raised its price from $184 million to $207 million.

In October 2015, it was announced that Intratrek was now the winner of the Gwanda contract. When initially reported that month, the contract was said to be worth $171 million. However, at the signing of the deal, just two weeks later that October, the deal was now reported at $202 million. There was no explanation on the $30 million discrepancy, or on how Intratrek had managed to swing from its initial announcement of $350 million, down to the $248 million in its first tender, further down to Jiangxi’s $184 million, and then, inside a two-week period, from $171 million to $202 million.[5]

Association with President Robert Mugabe's family

Chivayo has made it clear on social media that he association with president Robert Mugabe. In April 2016 he posted pictures on Facebook of himself and the First Lady Grace Mugabe having diner in Dubai. It has been reported that Chivayo uses the association to the first family to win government tenders. [9] ZIFA $1 million dollar sponsorship

In December 2015 it was announced by new ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa that Chivayo had agreed to sponsor the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) US $1 Million. The funds were to be paid "progressively during the ZIFA president’s tenure" with some of the immediate payments going to covering the outstanding salary of former Warriors head coach Tom Saintfiet who was owed over $100 000.[10]

Chivayo subsequently promised to secure the National Team coach, [{Callisto Pasuwa]] a vehicle, which he bought provided in January 2016. [11] Chivayo also promised to ensure that with the sponsorship money, Pasuwa's salary would be covered adequately.

Withdrawing sponsorship after media story (April 2016)

On 3 April 2016, it was reported in the Sunday Mail that Pasuwa's had not received his salary for 2 months and that he was facing possible eviction at his home as a result. The reporter apparently called Chiyangwa and Chivahyo to confirm the story. Chiyangwa said he could not comment because he was busy with his company business, and Chivayo said "You guys are bothering me with such questions. My question to you is why do you want to waste time on negative things when there are plenty positive stories to write? But since it bothers you so much, I am going to make sure that he gets his money.”[12]

On 4 April, Chivayo posted on his Facebook page that he the article angered him, accusing Pasuwa of lying and being ungrateful. He also accused the media and Zimbabwe at large for not being grateful for his sponsorship of football in Zimbabwe. Chivayo said he had spent about $600,000 on ZIFA in 3 months of the promised 3 year $1 million sponsorship.

THIS OFFICIALLY MARKS THE END of my sponsorship for the WARRIORS for 2016. It takes a lot of love to spend 600 thousand dollars on people you don't know or are even related to so you will all appreciate my reasons for reacting this way in the circumstances. I can't tolerate ungrateful people and i will never take this type of rubbish in my life.[13]

Harsh word for Jonathan Moyo

On 5 April, Jonathan Moyo, in response to the withdrawal of sponsorship, posted on Twitter that Zimbabwe's "Warriors need corporate not personal sponsorship!". [14]

On 6 April, Chivayo responded on Facebook that he would not be intimidated by Moyo because Moyo could be fired from government any day just as Joice Mujuru had.

With the greatest respect Honourable Minister your opinion surely is irrelevant at this stage.... HOOO NHAI MAKA JAIRA KUCHICHIDZIRA VANHU VASINA MARI VASINGA PINDURE NE KUTYA OFFICE DZENYU....MA OFFICE ENYU HAACHA TYISA NEKUTI RINO DOKA GUSHUNGO VAKU RONGEDZESAI MAVA KUMBA MUKOMA... TAKAZVIONA IZVI AMAI MUJURU VAI TSENGA MVURA ICHI BUDA MASVISVINWA asi nhasi kana kusangana navo HANDIVA MHORESE because I have no need to....THE BIG MAN BEHIND YOU NDIYE ANE YESE MUGARE MAKAZVI ZIVA BOYZ DZANGU. HIS EXCELLENCY ROBERT GABRIEL MUGABE is the only reason why we respect you. ...Ndino ziva ma politicians mukaona attention yawandisa pa munhu one munovhunduka kuti akazo torwa ne imwe party angatinetse mangwana but zvandiri we ZANU PF hard core wani TEAM BOB for life...MABAYA WRONG BUTTON VAKURU VANGU ndiri muzukuru wa CHENJERA ndinoera MOYO CHIRANDU ndinobva pa GANDAMI apa mu WILTSHIRE...MUGARE MAKA ZIVA KUTI HAPANA KANA ZVAMUNO NDIITA....[15]
Controversy Arrest

In 2011 Wicknell would be arrested and his 5 luxurious cars impounded by the state, for fraud and money laundering. However, after a contested trial, he would be acquitted of 8 counts of fraud and money laundering, with the police in the case being lambasted for their "lack of professionalism"[16] Claimed Donations

Wicknell has made numerous donations to both individuals and to organisations.

African Heritage Charity

It is not known what this organisation does, who who it is, but reports are that Sir Wicknell has donated R2 million towards it in 2012[17]


That same year, after having competed in Big Brother Africa, Wicknell is said to have donated a VW Beetle and paid 3 years worth of tuition for Maneta Mazanhi.[17] There were rumours that the two were an item and in a relationship, however Wicknell denied this at the time.[18]

Miss Curvy

In 2012 while being a judge at the Miss Curvy beauty pageant, Wicknell pledged US$5,000 to the winner, Mildred Shumba.[19]

Fund-A-Future (FAF) project

In 2013 Wicknell would once again extend his giving hand by pledging US$50,000 to give towards a charity set up by Miss Carnival winner Dananai Chipunza to help underprivileged children with their school fees.[20] Photo Gallery


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