10th District Music is a music production house/record label that operates a recording studio that Produces, Promotes and Conceptualizes new ideas and approaches in promoting and showcasing local Zimbabwean music, African cultural heritage and talent from grassroots level to local and International audience.[1]


The company was established by Dumisani Ramadu Moyo, Insingizi vocalist, songwriter, and Producer in 2006 in the city of Vienna's 10th District location in Austria were the company name was adopted from. Over the years, 10th District Music Studios has grown on to become a brand that has recorded and produced music for several bands from Africa that are based in Austria, namely Pascal Lopongo's album EZA, Blessings Nqo Nkomo's Mbube and Gospel from Southern Africa, Gospel musician from DRC Isabelle Ntumba, Zimbabwe's Iyasa single tracks Qula and KoBulawayo. However, since 2010, the Studio was moved to Bulawayo, the second biggest city in Zimbabwe which is arguably the cultural hub of the country were 10th District Music is now operating from. In Zimbabwe, Ramadu has teamed up with Tswarelo Mothobe (Poet, Musician & Producer) to expand and implement 10th District Music's objectives.

The 10th District Music concept has already bared fruits in various music projects in Zimbabwe such as helping forming a vocal group called Nobuntu, the first female vocal group from Zimbabwe which has already taken local and international audiences by storm. The Bulawayo set up has provided a home for both old and new talent with Zimbabwe´s long time Cultural ambassadors Black Umfolosi recording some of their songs, Vusa Mkhaya's album Vocalism, Tafi Dube, the legendary street musician a.k.a “Don Williams of Zimbabwe”, Imbube outfit Victoria Falls Ubuntu Bomuntu, Maskandi musician from Plumtree Tshwalabenyoni, The ever shining Jeys Marabini's album Silo and of course Nobuntu's debut album Thina.

Future Plans

In the future, 10th District Music will:

  • Establish a Production house that will be a one stop company from Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Distribution.
  • Establish a music training academy which shall teach basics in music, and music instrument playing to locals with a passion for Art



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