Zhuwao says he does not support Mnangagwa's presidential bid

6 years ago
Sun, 04 Dec 2016 20:10:05 GMT
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Zhuwao says he does not support Mnangagwa's presidential bid

In an interview with The Standard’s Xolani Ncube, Minister of Indigenisation, Patrick Zhuwao said that he is against Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s alleged bid to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

He said that he is against Mnangagwa’s bid because some Zanu PF supporters are allegedly threatening to kill people that are opposed to Mnangagwa’s presidential bid. When asked how War veterans’ leader Christopher Mutsvangwa do a disservice to the VP, Zhuwao said:

He does it in a big way. let’s look at what his association said about Cde ED. They said that he must succeed the president and if he does not, there will be blood on the floor. That alone, is a blow to the VP. As a Zanu PF member, I must not be intimidated to support the VP, but must be allowed to do it freely. So when you threaten me, I will definitely look at his envisaged government that if people oppose him he would kill them, and that to me is damaging. People in Zanu PF must be allowed to make choices without being intimidated with death or war, like what the so-called supporters of VP ED are doing. Surely, we can’t allow a country to be run by people who threaten to kill when they get state power and machinery. The effect of the Mutsvangwa declaration was to move me away from supporting the candidature of VP Mnangagwa because I have to freely make my own decision without undue fear or intimidation. Sure, if you have such kind of people saying that, what will happen when he gets into power and you disagree with him? Tinopera tesezve [all of us will be wiped out]. So with that, it was at that point in time [that I decided] I would not support VP Mnangagwa at all.

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