Full christmas message from MLO Supreme Council

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Full christmas message from MLO Supreme Council

MLO Supreme Council urges Matabeles in their diversity to “remain awake through this great revolution.” At this time of the holidays we cannot afford to abuse alcohol, drugs or party through the night as if tomorrow is no more. True Revolutionaries do not go on holiday!

The situation demands that we go out there and spread the word of revolution to our families, friends and even strangers without fear or favour. Everyone in Matabeleland should be aware and be part of this exciting social change which is currently taking place in Matabeleland and we should be the vehicles of this change that we want. Everyone should be the driver of Matabeleland restoration cause.

If you are from Tsholotsho, Midlands or whichever place in Matabeleland, it would not make any sense to come back and tell us that people in your area do not know anything about Matabeleland restoration cause. You are there to spread the word and make sure the person you inform tells the next person.

The reports reaching us from Matabeleland are that the oppressive government of Zimbabwe has lined up numerous road blocks along roads leading to ports of entry. These road blocks are manned by very corrupt and unprofessional traffic corps with the instruction to harass and milk Matebeles who work outside the country of their hard earned cash through demanding bribes so that by the time they arrive home, they are empty handed.

Bulawayo, The City of Kings resembles the capital City of a real captured state. Expensive weddings, braai parties and all sorts of pleasures have become the privilege of the deployees of the Grand Plan of 1979. These are the people who monopolise business and labour markets thanks to the evil Grand Plan.

Unemployed and tribally segregated Matebeles have no choice but to watch foreigners driving fancy cars and enjoying the resources that they loot from Matabeleland. Said one of our Cdes, “thina madoda ibraai siyizwa ngomnuko beziwosela abempumalanga bengangqize qhakala sesithembele kini”

2016 was a busy year for Matabeleland Restoration Cause. The oppressors were kept on their toes as pressure was applied everywhere, they felt the heat even in their own den, the parliament of Zimbabwe. This resulted in most of them losing their ‘feigned cool’ and some voluntarily abandoning their quiet diplomacy towards Matabeleland restoration cause. And finally talking, attacking the people of Matabeleland and unvoluntarily fueling the fires of Matabeleland restoration cause.

Yes they said it in the rallies, in the media and in the parliament of Zimbabwe, and we have a few quotes here.

1)Writing on his column in the state Newspaper, The Herald, which is popular for hate speech, Nathaniel Manheru aka George Charamba, who is the spokesman for President Mugabe said, “both gukurahundi and secessionist politics are being dangled as fall back politics should the succession issue escalate beyond its present levels or take a turn that is not favourable to some of these characters. Succession thus will lead to secession. For the first time after many peaceful years there is real threat to national unity and national cohesion”

2) “Zimbabwe is a unitary state and anyone who harbours plans to secede or partition the country along tribal lines is possessed by legion and day dreaming.” This statement was made by the Vice President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Munangagwa when he addressed a rally in Masvingo early this year.

3)”The Shona see these Ndebeles as secessionists who apart from wanting to revenge against Mugabe’s post independence gukurahundi war, that allegedly cost more than 20 000 Ndebele lives are also determined to establish a separate state, seeing that their chances for the presidency of the united Zimbabwe are unforeseeable” This one is attributed to tribalist Zanu-pf youth member and Mnangagwa boot licker, Energy Mutodi.

4) While addressing parliament in May, MDC T Senator Teresa Makone said, “They are crying about jobs, industries, marginalisation and I will give you an example of some things they were saying. They were saying Matabeleland and Bulawayo in particular used to be an industrial hub of Zimbabwe but now there is zero production. They are saying that our teachers from Mashonaland are filling all their schools. The teachers do not understand the children and the children do not understand the teachers, especially in the grade zero, 1 and 2 when they cannot speak English”

6) Today its just a placard, tomorrow it could be guns; it could be dead bodies. Instead of being upset and angry with the person who did the placard, we should be saying this is but a symptom of a bigger problem that we have and how do we quickly address it. Otherwise we are headed for a serious problem.” That was Priscilla Misihayirabwi of MDC talking about a man who carried a placard with the words “Shonas are dogs” in a fully packed BF stadium.

Only a fool, not from this planet, will say Zimbabwe is not in deep trouble when it is on the verge of splitting into two which will see the rebirth of the statehood of Matabeleland.

Matabeleland restoration cause is no longer a laughing matter, it has unapologetically bulldozed its way past the stage where it cannot be ignored and the above quotes being testimony to that. Soon and very soon, MLO will unapologetically lead Matebeles through the next and final stage of the revolution. In this do or die stage, winning is the only option. We are aware that the oppressors will not give us Matabeleland on a silver platter. We have to fight. And fight we will.

Remember: true revolutionaries don’t go on holiday.

Merry christmas and happy new year!

Izenzo kungemazwi!



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