Warriors and ZIFA square off over "sub-standard accomodation"

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Warriors and ZIFA square off over "sub-standard accomodation"

The Warriors’ preparations for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations continue to be derailed after a clash with ZIFA over the issue of accommodation.  The Warriors were unhappy with the standards at ZIFA Village and refused to be accommodated there.  However, ZIFA seems to want to force the footballers to accept the given accommodation. ZIFA did not find alternative accomodation, resulting in the players threatening to return their homes. The Footballers Union of Zimbabwe saved the situation temporarily by paying for rooms in a hotel.  However, due to limited the resources, FUZ managed to secure rooms for only the players.  The technical staff has had to put up at ZIFA Village.  This has led to communication problems.

Warriors Manager Shariff Mussa said:

It has always been an issue when the players are in camp. There are issues about allowances and accommodation but it’s an ongoing negotiation with the players and the relevant people at ZIFA. A position hasn’t been finalized yet and we hope soon that it should be finalized,

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