Job Sikhala's letter to Emmerson Mnangagwa: You killed my aunt during Gukurahundi

6 years ago
Thu, 05 Jan 2017 04:15:16 GMT
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Job Sikhala's letter to Emmerson Mnangagwa:  You killed my aunt during Gukurahundi

Dear Emmerson Mnangagwa,

I hope this memo finds you well with my full compliments of the season. If my father didn’t pass on two years ago he could have been the same age with you. When I look at you I see you as my father’s generational colleague. I respect you as you are of the same age with my father and that is as far as my respect for you goes.

Before going any further let me start by telling you that my father and all my relatives have a deep wound over your activities for years. You remember when you were the Minister of State (Security) in the Prime Minister’s Office from 1980? No matter how much you might try to downplay or trivialise your role in the massacre of innocent civilians in Matabeleland during Gukurahundi, we know for a fact that one of our own family members who is my aunt, died because of your active participation and direct underground command. You might try to sound clever by trying to deny your role but Zimbabweans are no fools. If you don’t know, Zimbabweans are well aware of your cruel activities during the time and that you were one of the main actors or protagonists of the massacre.

For your brief information, my father’s sister was married to Sello Maphinyani in Gwanda around the area called Manama. Despite coming from Gutu, the majority of my relatives are in Gwanda. She was brutally murdered in 1983 on the pretext that she was hiding her husband somewhere when the Central Intelligence Organisation under your command and the Fifth Brigade besieged her homestead. He was just a mere ZAPU official in Matabeleland South. The murder brought the wound to the family up to this day, because we still believe that she died for no apparent reason on the background of your active participation. All Zimbabweans know that you were the godfather and schemer of Gururahundi. Some might have forgiven you but not myself and my family.

We are also oblivious that we are not the only ones who can hardly forgive you. There are many others both in your own party and those whom you once worked with who will never ever accept you as the BOSS. I had the privilege of having a face to face discussion with Rugare Gumbo on the trials and tribulations he and others like, Wilfred Mhanda aka Cde Dzinashe Machingura went through in Mozambique during the liberation struggle. They went under horrendous incarceration through your instigation as Robert Mugabe’s Personal Assistant. They said your sins are unforgivable. You instructed them to be thrown into the pit on the pretext that it was the command from Robert Mugabe. You are said to have asked them to feed on their own faeces in the pity. What a BOSS you where.

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During the formative stages of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) you personally took command and strategies of all the violence that engulfed our nation. You wanted to kill Blessing Chebundo in Kwekwe personally. Chebundo survived after he held the Bible and prayed to God to save his life as he had not sinned or done anything wrong to anyone. It is said you saw hallucinations and started to have convulsions that you left him without a word, only for Chebundo to hide in the mountains of Gokwe. He still defeated you twice while in hiding until you ran away and created a ridiculous constituency for yourself called Zibagwe something. This is not forgotten Mr. Mnangagwa. You can play your kindergarten games with your equally ridiculous G-40, not the people of Zimbabwe.

It is in the public court of masses that you are the architect of the June 27 2008 massacres. Every Zimbabwean knows that you coordinated the military deployment on the aftermath of Mugabe’s defeat by Morgan Tsvangirai in 2008. For you Emmerson, Tsvangirai will defeat you home and away and we know you will resort to your usual cruelty. You stand no chance at all against anyone including even your nemesis Jonathan Moyo in your party.

Hundreds of people who were killed during the June 27 genocide, those who were maimed, those who were raped, those who were tortured cry over you Mnangagwa. If you don’t know it, please let me tell you the truth. The people of Zimbabwe cry for what you did to their kith and kin. They don’t hate their brother soldiers because they know you were the instigator. The anguish the people suffered because of your instigation can never be forgotten by the masses of this country. Please bear it in mind. There is boiling anger outside there against you.

If Energy Mutodi and others who make you drunk by Jonnie Walker don’t tell you what the people of Zimbabwe think and say about you on the death of Gen Solomon Mujuru, it then means they don’t love you. They just want to use you to protect their shady deals. Zimbabweans are not happy about the way General Mujuru died. They think you are the best person to give them a better explanation of what happened to their General but you play the clever boy tactics.

The death of Lookout Masuku in prison under your instigation on false accusations of trying to overthrow the government haunts many Zimbabweans to this present day, if you don’t know. When they hear about your name today, they associate it with the death of General Lookout Masuku in prison. For your own information the former ZIPRA Intelligence Supremo Dumiso Dabengwa, is so loved and sympathised with by many Zimbabweans because they know the horrendous torture he went through in prison without trial under your instigation. He nearly soiled his good name in the public by once associating with you and your evil party. This is not forgotten and forgiven Mr. Mnangagwa. Zimbabweans will never accept you as their BOSS.

It is also important to alert you that Zimbabweans have been angered by your childish public utterances when you uttered “Muchangoramba muchiwawata ZANU PF ichingotonga, ichingotonga, ichingotonga” while all the masses are suffering. They have no kind words for you on such arrogance of cruelty.

Be advised that Zimbabweans are waiting for that day they will revenge against you in the ballot box. That’s when Zimbabweans will show you that they don’t want a BOSS of your kind, even if you kill everyone and remained with your kids, wife and Energy Mutodi.

Without prejudice.

Job Wiwa Sikhala.

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