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Bev allegedly suffers miscarriage, Andy Muridzo unconcerned

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Bev allegedly suffers miscarriage, Andy Muridzo unconcerned

Controversial dancer Beverly Sibanda, claims that she suffered a miscarriage on Sunday. This comes barely, 2 months after she claimed that she was carrying musician Andy Muridzo’s baby. According to her manager Harpers Mapimhidze, Bev was hospitalised on Sunday night after experiencing complications when she was at performing at Holly’s Nigh Club in Harare. Said Mapimhidze

On Sunday afternoon, Bev had performed at a family show with Sulu. Thereafter, she and the crew went to Holly’s Night Club for a performance in the evening.

After that show, she started feeling sick. I can’t really explain what happened as I was still at Sulu’s gig because I wanted to collect the gate-takings. But all
I know is that I was called and told she had been rushed to hospital by an ambulance

Mapimhidze lamented the fact that Andy Muridzo has not shown any concern about Bev’s condition saying:

It’s only journalists and other people who’ve been calling me to ask what transpired and find out how she’s feeling. As for Andy, he hasn’t communicated with Bev or me to find out what happened for her to miscarry.

Andy Muridzo said he preferred not to know anything:

I’m hearing this (Bev’s miscarriage) from you. Actually, I don’t even want to know what’s happening to Bev or what happened to her. Let’s leave it like that

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