Reasons why Mugabe wants Kasukuwere out of Zanu-PF

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Reasons why Mugabe wants Kasukuwere out of Zanu-PF

The Standard reports that calls for Kasukuwere’s ouster have nothing to do with President Robert Mugabe’s succession but a personal war between Kasukuwere and controversial businessman Jimayi Muduvuri. Muduvuri has been financing Grace Mugabe’s activities and was instrumental in the ouster of Bulawayo Provincial Affairs minister Eunice Sandi Moyo and Hurungwe East MP Sarah Mahoka.

Zanu PF sources privy to the latest upheavals in Zanu-PF said Kasukuwere allocated Muduvuri 200 ha of land in Norton’s Knockmallch area before later withdrawing the land saying government wanted such deals to be above board. Muduvuri had allegedly partnered with State House principal director Innocent Tizora. Tizora had formed a housing cooperative mainly composed of workers at State House and named it Imbahuru. Muduvuri then sought Grace’s help in his dispute with the minister.

However Muduviri denied that he was behind Kasukuwere’s problems. Sources, however, insisted that a dossier given to Mugabe by Tizora and Muduvuri was behind Kasukuwere’s woes. The report contained claims that Kasukuwere was using the on-going Zanu PF restructuring exercise to unseat Mugabe.

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