7 Politicians who failed to make the "Top 10 Richest Politicians" list

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7 Politicians who failed to make the "Top 10 Richest Politicians" list

On Wednesday night, former Zanu-PF activist Acie Lumumba, real name William Mutumanje, made a FaceBook Live video in which he claimed to name the Top 10 Richest Politicians in Zimbabwe. Here is the list of people Lumumba claims to have failed to make the list but deserve to be mentioned. All claims below are from Lumumba.

  1. George Charamba, the presidential spokesperson, made US$80 000 – US$90 000 in a typical bad month and US$300 000 – US$400 000 in a good month. The money allegedly came from ZBC, Zimpapers and PSMAS.
  2. Munyaradzi Kajese, President Robert Mugabe’s Chief of Protocol, is one of the most trusted people by the President and he has a lot of money as well. Lumumba claims that Kajese has one of the “finest” houses in Borrowdale which is impossible to miss. Since civil servants earn a maximum of $3 000 per month, according to  Lumumba, Kajese made his money from making and facilitating deals.
  3. Supa Mandiwanzira, the minister of ICT,  owns ZiFM and a company called XCMG which provides mining equipment, among other business interest. He now has his hands in the cookie jar at Telecel, as described by Lumumba,  where he removed other black people. He is allegedly making a lot of money from the mobile network operator.
  4. Ray Kaukonde who once chaired Innscor, fails to make the list because he is now out of the game after he was booted out of Zanu-PF.
  5. Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko almost made the Top 10 list but just fails to make the cut. Lumumba does not expressly say it, but he insinuates that Mphoko’s franchise supermarket chain, Choppies, does not pay any duty for the products it imports.
  6. Simba Chikore, President Mugabe’s son-in law and COO of Air Zimbabwe,  is not quite there yet and fails to make it onto the Top 10 List. Lumumba says that Chikore has probably made USD$20-$30 million from consulting on projects that never take place.
  7. Surprisingly, Lumumba claims that President   Robert Mugabe fails to make the list because there are 10 individuals who are allegedly very good at looting ahead of him.



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