Air Zim CEO Suspended For Refusing To Retrench Over 200 Workers

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Air Zim CEO Suspended For Refusing To Retrench Over 200 Workers



Struggling national airline, Air Zimbabwe has suspended its executive officer (CEO), Ripton Muzenda, pending dismissal. Muzenda was suspended for allegedly defying a board resolution to retrench over 200 workers. Muzenda is reported to have tried to resign twice in the past 15 months. Both times, his resignation was turned down by the board. President Mugabe’s son-in-law, Simba Chikore is the Air Zimbabwe’s chief operating officer and is next in line to take over from Muzenda.

Muzenda is being forced out for opposing the Air Zimbabwe board’s decision to retrench over 200 workers in order to cut down on costs. The airline went on to retrench the workers without Muzenda’s consent but the decision was overturned by the courts.

Sources who spoke to the Financial Gazette said:

He was forced to go on leave. The AirZim board will be meeting either on Friday or on Monday next week to endorse his dismissal.

It is difficult to assess him given the operating environment. He did not have a particularly good working relationship with the board and had a tense relationship with his number two. He was also not the minister’s favourite.

In my own assessment, he did not achieve much. It also did not work that when he came, he had zero trust for the previous management.

Muzenda was the seventh CEO in 14 years since 2003.

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