Mnangagwa exposes Moyo during Zanu-PF politburo presentation

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Mnangagwa exposes Moyo during Zanu-PF politburo presentation

Zanu-PF sources told NewsDay that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa exposed Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere during Wednesday’s politburo meeting.

Mnangagwa was responding to allegations by Moyo that he was the one behind the failed Tsholotsho Declaration and sponsored the formation of the United People’s Movement among other allegations. Sources said that Mnangagwa exposed how Moyo and Kasukuwere are secretly conniving to reduce Mugabe’s powers by challenging Zanu PF’s one centre of power principle and leaking confidential information to the Press. The poliburo source said:

He was aggressive yesterday (Wednesday) when he presented his response, accusing Moyo of leaking sensitive politburo and confidential government information to the media. He asked the meeting to reflect in 10 minutes of silence why politburo minutes and sensitive information were now always being leaked to the media. It was a gripping account of the man that Moyo is. His association with Western powers especially the Americans and that country’s CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Mnangagwa identified Moyo’s handler and his code number as a source of information. Mnangagwa gave dates of meetings and the information leaked from government and party gatherings between Moyo and his handlers. Moyo’s discussions at (local think-tank) Sapes (Southern African Political and Economic Series) and his introduction of (Defence minister Sydney) Sekeramayi as a potential successor to the President when the party policy has consistently been that there is no vacancy. 


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