Mliswa vows to take Chiefs to court for supporting Zanu-PF

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Mliswa vows to take Chiefs to court for supporting Zanu-PF

Independent legislator Temba Mliswa has vowed to take Chiefs President Fortune Charumbira to court for urging fellow chiefs to campaign and vote for Zanu-PF in the 2018 elctions.

Speaking at the just ended Chiefs conference held in Bulawayo Charumbira said:

Binga has been a problem but now that you have been given cars, you should go out there and ensure Zanu PF’s electoral victory in that area in the forthcoming elections. We will support candidates that Zanu PF will present to us. We will stand up with our wives and vote for (President Robert) Mugabe. In 2013, we indicated that we wanted cars, they did not come but we campaigned and won while using bicycles. Now that we have been given cars, winning is guaranteed. We will use cars for campaigns and we shall work hard.

Speaking on Twitter Mliswa said he will meet Charumbira in court. Wrote Mliswa:

We will meet him in court. He is a serious threat to credible elections. Getting excited over a car! Shame on him!




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