"Tsvangirai should give power to Chamisa, he lost his chance to become President"

5 years ago
Tue, 07 Nov 2017 20:47:40 GMT
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"Tsvangirai should give power to Chamisa, he lost his chance to become President"

VIVA Zimbabwe leader Acie Lumumba has called on MDC Alliance leader Morgan Tsvangirai to give power to one of his Vice Presidents Nelson Chamisa.

Lumumba said that Tsvangirai is no longer a brand and that it is not logical for him to lead the coalition considering he is terminally ill. He says that it is time for Tsvangirai to give Chamisa power. Said Lumumba:

In fact like I said he is the champion of democracy. But if Morgan Tsvangirai wants to create a great legacy for himself he needs to not become like Mugabe. What he needs to do is to give us Chamisa and we will do the rest. You see, Chamisa doesn’t need a lot of work. But they have to give him to us. Chamisa has to be given to the country. Once we get Chamisa we will do the rest of the work. So Mr Tsvangirai wherever you are watching this from your chance to become President yakapfuura Baba. Bvumai kuti masakara Ishe. I wish you all the best. But the reality is Mdara wangu…….kusakara chaiko ndokwamaita Ishe. Mapera Baba, kunge hondo. Mapera kunge pendi. Mapera kunge sipo. You have to pass it on to Chamisa. Once you give it to Chamisa the rest of the work is easy.

He goes on to mention that the reason why there are two major coalitions is that people do not want to be led by Tsvangirai because he is not smart. Said Lumumba:

The reason you have got a lot of these coalitions taking place is not because people do not want to work together. It is because people do not want to be led by Tsvangirai and Tsvangirai in case they don’t tell you why they do not want to be led by you the problem is you kinda really lights on but nobody is on. You are not the smartest of people. Zimbabweans overtime have become very smart. So it is very difficult for a very smart peraosn to be led by a very thick person. I am not saying you are a bad person I am saying you are not a very smart guy. Do you think you are a smart guy?

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He goes on to carry a survey and concludes that people believe it is time for Chamisa to take the reigns from Tsvangirai.



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