Axcil Jefferies Accuses ZMSF Of Lying About His Race Results

5 years ago
Fri, 08 Dec 2017 11:27:22 GMT
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Axcil Jefferies Accuses ZMSF Of Lying About His Race Results

Motorsport driver Axcil Jefferies has accused the Zimbabwe Motor Sports Federation (ZMSF) of lying in a press statement in which the ZMSF claimed that it was unaware of Jefferies’ accomplishments. This comes after the motorsport prodigy accused the ZMSF of not supporting him and of not nominating him for the Annual National Sports Awards (Ansa). Jefferies has said that he is considering racing under a foreign flag due to the lack of recognition in Zimbabwe. The ZMSF initially made an apparently false claim that no Zimbabwean driver had won any races internationally when Jefferies had actually won 7 tnternational races and the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East Championship. The ZMSF then released another statement in which they  claimed that they were unaware of Jefferies’ results over the years. This lead to Jefferies responding with

UPDATE!!! SO ZMSF HAVE NOW RELEASED A PRESS STATEMENT CLAIMING TO HAVE NOT KNOWN ABOUT MY RACE RESULTS OVER THE YEARS ?? WHAT AN INSULT TO THE WORLDS MEDIA & PUBLIC, THE STATEMENT IS A BLATANT LIE BECAUSE WE REGULARLY SEND THEM UPDATES BY EMAIL (media furnished with them). ZMSF attempted to hand in my ANSA Nomination ONLY 2 days ago after being EXPOSED and were told Nominations were closed. SHAMEFUL & SAD INDEED that an Organisation that falls under the respected International #FIA and #FIM and Zimbabwean SRC can behave in such a manner with such a dishonest statement!! ZMSF is the Same organisation that was awarding me points for the National & Regional championships I won in Zimbabwe. They Handed me the TROPHIES which are still ENGRAVED with my names on them to date!! ZMSF gave me CLEARANCE to Race Internationally FOR GOODNESS SAKE! What a SHAME!!



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