Mnangagwa Opens Up On Poisoning, Almost Getting Shot While Escaping From Mugabe

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Mnangagwa Opens Up On Poisoning, Almost Getting Shot While Escaping From Mugabe

President Emmerson Mnangagwa opened up on the details surrounding his poisoning in Gwanda during a Zanu-PF Youth Interface Rally. He also took time to narrate how he managed to escape after receiving death threats.

Mnangagwa said there was an attempt by security details at the border in Mutare to shoot him, but that this was foiled by his sons. Said Mnangagwa:

I was fired at 4pm and left the office and by 6.30 pm, one of the security guys came to inform me that he must be part of a group that had a mission to eliminate me. I didn’t think it was pleasurable to wait to be eliminated. I left within four hours of being fired for the Mozambican border. I arrived at the border and our side of the border stamped my passport, but before they could lift the boom for me to cross into Mozambique, it was closed. The message came that I was not allowed to leave Zimbabwe. I said in that case there was no need, I (will) go back. They said again I was not allowed to go back into Zimbabwe but I said ‘you can’t stop me’. What case have I committed? As I was walking away, they tried to fire (at me) but I have one young man, one of my twin sons, was there. He is an officer and was able to grab the weapon and I was not shot.

Then you know for many years I operated in Mozambique in the department of security. I know the area and it’s infested with land mines. Those things are still there, you walk in-between strings to avoid landmines. I did (that) from about 9 pm until about 7.30 the next day. I arrived in Mozambique and we had a lift back to the border to have my passport stamped again on the Mozambican side. Then I phoned a colleague from South Africa that I was on my way to Beira. By the time we arrived in Beira, a small plane had arrived from South Africa to pick me up and I went to South Africa.

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