"Ministers Must Confess That They Were Used By Grace Mugabe"

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"Ministers Must Confess That They Were Used By Grace Mugabe"

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has called on cabinet ministers to be honest and confess how they were used by the former first lady Grace Mugabe. He said that ministers who were influenced by the former first family to commit ills must be honest and confess.

Mliswa also said that the new dispensation requires that ministers do the proper thing and nit take instructions from the first lady. Said Mliswa:

It is important Madam Speaker that those Ministers who did ills when the former President was there, must be honest and stand in front of this House and the people and say, ‘I was sent to do this which I was not supposed to do, it is called confession when the time is ripe because if they do not do that, then they are not honest. So, it is important Madam Speaker that the new dispensation in having to close, requires Ministers who did things which were not proper, to do things which are proper. They must be able to say so that ‘I was under pressure, I was instructed by the First Lady or the President then to be able to do this.’ It is about time that the new dispensation does not take instructions from people who do not have Executive powers, they must never do that.



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