Mnangagwa Gives Update On Switzerland Trip, Order For Ministers To Declare Assets

Xaxa (Shasha)
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Mnangagwa Gives Update On Switzerland Trip, Order For Ministers To Declare Assets

Dear Friends

It’s been a busy week, my brothers and sisters.

This week I was in Davos to represent our country at the World Economic Forum. I was received with warmth and excitement by leaders from across the globe, a real sign that Zimbabwe’s isolation from the family of international nations is over.

Once again we are a respected country, and global investors are genuinely curious about opportunities in the new Zimbabwe. Make no mistake – the interest in investment opportunities is exploding. And my message to global leaders was simple: Zimbabwe is open for business. I set out my vision of a Zimbabwe with a thriving and open economy, with jobs for its youth and opportunities for investors.

I had successful meetings to push these goals. The IMF, the World Bank, the EU as well as major global companies such as Nestle are all encouraged by the progress we’re making towards our new Zimbabwe. Just last night, the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, welcomed our reforms and backed our plan for change.

So while we’ve made progress abroad, at home the work for change doesn’t stop.

Earlier this week, I ordered that all our Cabinet ministers and top government officials declare their assets. As I said in my inauguration speech, I will have a zero tolerance to corruption in any form. One of the best ways to fight corruption is through transparency. I am committed to leading an ethical and transparent government, one that will earn the trust of its people.

May I wish you all a blessed weekend.




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