Bakers Are Selling Under Weight Bread

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Bakers Are Selling Under Weight Bread

The Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR) has alleged that the quality and size of the loaves of bread has gone down and that bakers are selling loaves which do not conform to the government’s stipulated weight. This comes after the government through the ministry of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development reversed a decision by Bakers Inn to increase the price of bread by a minimum of 10 percent. According to Statutory Instrument (SI) 56 of 1989 bread should be sold at either 350g or 700g.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers president Denford Mutashu told the Standard Business,

There is an outcry by consumers due to the decreased quality of bread coming from some of the traditional big bakeries after the price increase reversal. The quality and size of the loaf has deteriorated and the government should intervene. The consumers are complaining that the standard loaf no longer weighs 700g, which is the stipulated weight.

According to Standard Business only Labels bread was conforming with the law while Bakers Inn and Proton had underweight loaves. However, Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development permanent secretary Abigail Shoniwa said she was unaware of the development. Said Shonhiwa,

I have not yet received the brief about the underweight bread but we do have the trade measure unit which is responsible legal metrology, they deal with weights and measurements, so I am going to immediately find out from them so that they can go out and check.

If consumers are encountering underweight bread, we would expect some complaints to come through. Like I said, I meet every day with my unit and at this morning’s brief, I did not get that brief.

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