7 Things We Noted From Jonathan Moyo's Interview On SABC News

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7 Things We Noted From Jonathan Moyo's Interview On SABC News

Former Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo appeared on SABC News for an interview. Below are seven things we noted from the interview:

1. Jonathan Moyo used part of Zimdef money to fund Zanu-PF activities

He denied defrauding the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF) of $400 000. He says $200 000 was used for an exhibition at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in 2016. The other money was used for “approved ZanuPF programs”. $100 000 was used to support science education in Tsholotsho.

2. Mnangagwa has no economic policies. He is just trying to please the West

Moyo denied that Mnangagwa has changed policies and said:

No he has not changed any policies. He has slogans and anecdotes that are cynical, that are designed to placate the Western World to [him] make appear that he is very different. There is no economic policy. His finance minister is also the minister of economic development. He has no economic development policy as we speak right now which is different from the one that was in place in 2013 that Zanu-PF adopted. Their 100 days so called, is driven by anecdotes and slogans. It is not driven by any coherent underlying policy or method with new fundamentals. Is he really trying to tell Zimbabweans and the world that there is something that he wanted to do in 37 years but couldn’t do because he was stopped by President Mugabe from doing that?

3. There are serious tensions between Mnangagwa and Chiwenga

He said there are serious tensions between Mnangagwa and Chiwenga which can lead to future instability.

4. Mnangagwa lied to the African Union that he is preserving Robert Mugabe’s legacy

He said Mnangagwa is harassing the Mugabe family contrary to what he told the African Union that the former leader is safe and secure.  He said accusing the Mugabe’s of corruption outside of court is harassment.

5. Mnangagwa never wanted the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission

Moyo argues that Mnangagwa and Patrick Chinamasa opposed the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission. The proposal was to have a Peace, Truth and Reconciliation Commission but Chinamasa and Mnangagwa succeeded in convincing Zanu-PF to oppose the truth component. Mnangagwa had no option but to sign the National Peace and Reconciliation Bill into law since it had already been passed in Parliament.

6. The African Union should launch a fact finding mission

The African Union and SADC should launch a fact finding mission in order to evaluate claims that the coup was bloodless.

7. The coup had nothing to do with public interest but was a power grab by Team Lacoste

Moyo said that the military coup was not done out of public interest but was it was a power grab related to a factional fight within Zanu-PF. He said that the attacks on Mnangagwa by former first lady Grace Mugabe was not enough to justify a military coup. He added that the Zimbabwean precedent is a bad one for the SADC region.




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