Joice Mujuru Accuses Nelson Chamisa Of "Political Mischief" And Grandstanding

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Joice Mujuru Accuses Nelson Chamisa Of "Political Mischief" And Grandstanding

Former vice president and leader of the opposition National People’s Party (NPP), Joice Mujuru has made her frustrations with MDC-T vice president Nelson Chamisa known. Mujuru was not amused that Chamisa asked her to reconsider her decision not to join the opposition coalition, the MDC Alliance at a rally in Mutare, saying that he was well aware of the hindrances to the pact. Mujuru is worried that Chamisa’s public invitation was meant to portray her party as being against the coalition. In a statement, Mujuru’s NPP said:

We hope the publicly made invitation of joining forces is not a kind of political mischief that seeks to portray NPP as a stumbling block to a fully-fledged grand coalition of opposition political parties to Zimbabweans.

…Now that the MDC-T vice president finds it befitting to make the so-called invitation publicly at political rallies of MDC Alliance, NPP feel compelled to adopt the same public route in setting the record straight as demonstrated hereunder:

Given the circumstances, NPP wonders if this is how bonafide to be partners should engage each other unless if our colleagues are simply grandstanding to the gallery of populist politics.

…Therefore for VP Chamisa to start inviting Dr Mujuru publicly at rallies from the joining of the said Coalition when Dr Mujuru in her prayers hopes for the early recovery of Dr Tsvangirai so that the two could conclude the talks hopefully before the elections is very difficult to tell.

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