I Am Stepping Back From Politics: Acie Lumumba

5 years ago
Mon, 09 Apr 2018 17:10:09 GMT
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I Am Stepping Back From Politics: Acie Lumumba

Activist and media personality Acie Lumumba, real name William Mutumanje, has said that he will be stepping away from politics. Lumumba made a name for himself last year after he made a series of Facebook Live videos in which he seemed to accurately predict political events before they occured.  Lumumba was initially dismissed as a loudmouth who was seeking political relevancy until he made a video in which he “predicted” that president Robert Mugabe would not be in power in 48 hours time.

Speaking about his new focus, Lumumba said,

I took a deliberate position as the new president came in to take a step back from politics. I genuinely feel I have given politics most of my work in life, I gave everything a human being can possibly give to my political beliefs and I have served my time and would like to spend more time now building businesses, in enterprise.

I encourage and support young people who participate in politics. I think it’s the right thing to do. However, I would like to take a break. I feel like I went into a relationship, got married, it was abusive it was very painful and I got a chance to leave, why would I want to jump right back into it. I am really enjoying my time away from politics.

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