Lumumba Reveals Why Kasukuwere Returned, Confirms Zhuwao And Moyo's Allegations

5 years ago
Thu, 24 May 2018 21:04:18 GMT
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Lumumba Reveals Why Kasukuwere Returned, Confirms Zhuwao And Moyo's Allegations

Presenting his programme, The Lumumba Files on ZiFM Stereo on Thursday evening, Acie Lumumba revealed why former Zanu-PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere returned to Zimbabwe from self imposed exile.

Lumumba said Kasukuwere returned to Zimbabwe to prove two points. He said Kasukuwere wants to remove the label that he is a criminal and secondly to test President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mantra that lets let bygones be bygones. Said Lumumba:

This is a man who has two points to prove. Point number one; Saviour Kasukuwere is desperate to remove the stigma attached to him being called a criminal. If anybody has ever been character assassinated or labelled in politics you would know that there is a problem. People in politics do not take each other to court usually because of crimes they use the newspapers. Saviour Kasukuwere wanted to save himself from that so he wanted to say of I have a crime, ‘call me out’. But Saviour Kasukuwere also understood this, Zanu-PF also has a point to prove too. President Emnerson Mnangagwa has a point to prove that when he said lets let bygones be bygones he really meant lets let bygones be bygones and he [Kasukuwere] is a guy who is not afraid to test it out because what does he have to lose…He comes back into Zimbabwe because he is testing the teeth of the crocodile, that is the crocodile serious that if we come back into the country lets let bygones be bygones.

He also confirms Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao’s allegations that Kasukuwere is working with Mnangagwa’s administration to weaken NPF. Said Lumumba:

The deal is you remove Saviour Kasukuwere from National Patriotic Front (NPF), NPF is dismantled completely. Jonathan Moyo is brains with no muscle, Patrick Zhuwao is a follower who’s got no brains and no muscle. So without Saviour Kasukuwere they have no muscle.

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Lumumba said Kasukuwere will be back in politics despite saying that he is taking a sabbatical.



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