Hypocrites, You Turned A Blind Eye When People Were Killed During November Coup: NPF Spokesperson

5 years ago
Sun, 24 Jun 2018 10:00:23 GMT
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Hypocrites, You Turned A Blind Eye When People Were Killed During November Coup: NPF Spokesperson

National Patriotic Front (NPF) spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire has accused Zimbabweans of hypocrisy. Mawarire said that the people condemning the explosion at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Bulawayo rally where strangely quiet when other people were attacked and killed during the November 2017 military coup which resulted in the fall of Robert Mugabe. In a series of tweets, Mawarire said,

The Byo explosion is a symptom of an ailment contracted on Nov 15, 2017, it’s condemnation without dealing with the root cause (coup) is disingenuous and hypocritical. We need a solution to the coup and all other things, like the Byo explosion, will be avoided.

Zimbabweans like Peter Munetsi lost their lives during the coup and those that pretend to respect the sanctity of life after the Byo explosion were complicity in the murders thru blatant celebration of the barbarity. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.

It’s a continuation of the violence we saw on Nov 15, 2017. Remember Chiwenga told people in Mabvuku that “Operation Restore Regacy” is still ongoing. I hope SADC, AU & the international community now see why some of us still condemn the Coup. The violent can never bring peace.

That’s exactly what we condemned on Nov 15, 2017, when Chiwenga and Co turned their guns on political enemies and many Zimbabweans celebrated when @ProfJNMoyo & @Hon_Kasukuwere’s houses were shelled by soldiers. Most on twitter here attacked those who condemned that violence.

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People died during the much publicised “operation Restore Regacy” and many on Twitter turned a blind eye, even attacking those against the coup. I got criticised for condemning the coup. Violence begets violence. Look what’s happening



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