Chamisa Earns Reprieve As ZANU PF Conference Ignores Proposal To Raise Presidential Age Limit

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Chamisa Earns Reprieve As ZANU PF Conference Ignores Proposal To Raise Presidential Age Limit

ZANU PF dismissed calls made by the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWA) secretary-general Victor Matemadanda to amend the Constitution to raise the minimum Presidential age limit.

At the just-ended ZANU PF Annual People’s Conference held in Esigodini, Umzingwane District, Matabeleland South Province, the party ignored the call. Party spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo said that the subject was not brought up for adoption by the Conference. Said Khaya Moyo

As far as I am aware, we have not received any communication regarding the proposed amendment to the Constitution. If it was discussed at the conference, it may have been at the committees’ stage, but it was never brought to the final list for adoption.

… The proposal has also not been brought before the party’s organs such as the politburo and central committee. But we are a democratic party and people can continue to discuss these issues until such time they have exhausted all channels

A party insider who spoke to Newsday said that the Youth League resisted the move.

Except for some within the leadership, the entire youth league was opposed to the amendment. It makes very little sense and flies in the face of our new found call to open up the democratic space. It’s like replaying the old record from which the President (Mnangagwa) is trying to walk away.

Douglas Mahiya, the ZNLWVA spokesperson shaded more light on the reason why the call was not considered worthy of adoption. He said

There was a list of resolutions passed and adopted by the conference at the end. It (proposal for age limit) was not there, because the party has a prerogative to fine tune issues as they are brought before it. Zanu PF produces political material to suit a particular environment, and what was communicated to everyone, is what the party adopted.


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