MPs Demand Increase In Allowances, Credit Cards When Travelling Abroad

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MPs Demand Increase In Allowances, Credit Cards When Travelling Abroad

MPs have yet again come up with a set of demands from the executive, this time an increase of their allowances and credit cards when travelling abroad.

Norton legislator, Themba Mliswa led the MPs’ call for the upward review of the allowances. He said

Our allowances mean absolutely nothing. The committee that I chair can sit from 8 am to 8 pm working for this country but what they get is a paltry $75, not US dollar. MPs are people who are working tirelessly for this country in these committees.

Being in the committees carries a risk on its own because they expose people who have money and who have the ability to even put a mafia together to deal with MPs on their behalf and what do we get — $75. That has to be reviewed so that MPs are able to execute their duties in a professional manner.

I’ll also talk about the allowances that we get when we leave the country. The allowances that we get are US$50 when leaving Zimbabwe. It’s not enough. The Minister of Finance and Economic Development has to look into this and increase that allowance.

There must be credit cards which are given to MPs when they travel and they must account for them when they come back, not this situation where we get money that is not enough even to buy meals.


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