Mnangagwa In Catch-22 Over Implementing Motlanthe Commission Recommendations

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Mnangagwa In Catch-22 Over Implementing Motlanthe Commission Recommendations

President Emmerson Mnangagwa faces a Herculean task in implementing the Motlanthe Commission recommendations.

The recently-held ZANU PF Annual National People’s Conference recommended that the party should not enter into a government of national unity with the opposition MDC. ZANU PF has reportedly refused to even talk to the MDC. Part of the Motlanthe recommendations read:

The commission recommends the establishment of a multi-party reconciliation initiative, including youth representatives, with national and international mediation to address the root causes of the post-election violence and to identify and implement strategies for reducing tensions, promoting common understandings of political campaigning, combating criminality, and uplifting communities.

ZANU PF secretary for legal affairs, Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana said the MDC has to approach ZANU PF. He said

The big brother will not go to the younger brother. It’s the other way round. We have always been open. We will talk to Zimbabweans who think they have something to offer. We are open, but we will not accost them to talk.

Some of the recommendations which the Motlanthe report made, and which Mnangagwa may find hard to implement read as follows:

Those particular members of the military and the police found to have been in breach of their professional duties and discipline on August 1, 2018 should be identified as soon as possible for internal investigations and appropriate sanction, which should include a hearing from the victims and their families for impact assessment and to provide the necessary compensation.

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