How To Deal With Unprofessional ZRP Roadblocks

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How To Deal With Unprofessional ZRP Roadblocks

Local traveling and outdoor activity gear retailer, Big Sky posts tips on how to deal with unprofessional ZRP checkpoints when you encounter them:

  1. Visit the local police station -and get the name, rank and cell number of the Traffic Dispol – store it in your phone. Have these ready when you feel you’re being treated unfairly.
  2. If you can afford one, get a dashboard camera – Unprofessional mischief usually occurs where the offending ZRP member feels he/she cannot be identified. A dashboard camera, or “dash cam” immediately overcome this perception.
  3. Report offenders to PGHQ – Motorists can expect a positive response when reporting unprofessional behaviour at PGHQ, Harare (Tel: 024-2703631)
  4. Be polite –  display the same polite behaviour that you expect to receive.


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