MDC Against 'Unity Accord' Kind Of Dialogue - Komichi

4 years agoThu, 28 Feb 2019 13:22:25 GMT
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MDC Against 'Unity Accord' Kind Of Dialogue - Komichi

MDC co-vice president Morgen Komichi says the is a need for the country to solve the issue of legitimacy as well as institute security sector reforms.

Komichi was addressing politicians, civic leaders, among other delegates to a conference organised by SIVIO Institute (SI) International Summit in Harare on Thursday. Some of the points raised by Komichi are as follows:

  • We need to solve the legitimacy issue, security sector reforms, we must identify the real problem, the military had a say in elections. Make a simple mistake on the streets the military will be on you, we are a military state.
  • The leadership in my party want a genuine dialogue that will benefit the people of Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe crisis cannot be solved through the courts. It requires everyone coming to the table, the GNU left the people outside but this time everyone must be involved
  • Dialogue has never been genuine, the Unity Accord was about the one-party state not about people.
  • Elections in Zimbabwe have been used to oppress people and every time after elections there is the talk of dialogue because the ruling party would want to achieve legitimacy.
  • We have been trying to achieve peace, freedom and economic growth, so the question is: have those things achieved, the question is why are we embarking on things that don’t produce anything?
  • Nelson Chamisa is in charge of MDC Alliance and the Standing Committee that he leads agrees with the need to solve the Zimbabwean crisis, we don’t know whether it’s the same situation at shake shake building.

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