Govt Offers Chamisa's Rivals Huge War Chest Ahead Of MDC Congress - Report

4 years ago
Fri, 01 Mar 2019 11:57:37 GMT
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Govt Offers Chamisa's Rivals Huge War Chest Ahead Of MDC Congress - Report

The government has been implicated in an elaborate plot to destabilise the MDC Alliance elective Congress set for May this year.

According to a Zimbabwe Independent report, the government, through the use of state security agents, will foment chaos before, during and after the Congress to weaken Chamisa and dampen his claims to legitimacy.

The plan will also include sponsoring Chamisa’s rivals with a huge financial war chest. Sources who spoke to the Zimbabwe Independent had this to say:

Chamisa has been a problem for President Mnangagwa both at home and internationally. He has continued to question Mnangagwa’s legitimacy so the best way for Zanu PF is for him to have legitimacy and credibility problems of his own.

Chamisa will address any lingering legitimacy questions of his own if he is elected at Congress.

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But the plan is to make sure that his image and credibility are damaged during the congress period, through sponsoring divisions, confusion and violence in the MDC. The idea is that the MDC should emerge weaker after Congress.

Chamisa should emerge with his reputation in tatters. There must be legitimacy questions if he sails through so that he ceases to have the moral authority to question Mnangagwa’s own legitimacy. His bargaining power will be reduced in any negotiations if the plan succeeds.

The success of the project to throw the MDC congress into disarray is also predicated on fomenting violence and chaos before the party’s branches, wards, districts and provincial structures are reorganised in line with the party’s dictates before Congress.

Another dimension the strategy will take is that Zanu PF, utilising state machinery, will also be on the lookout for candidates who are not in Chamisa’s camp so that they can be sponsored if they decide to run for any position of their choice.

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