"Don't Be Fooled, Sanctions Harm The Whole Economy"

4 years ago
Thu, 07 Mar 2019 16:50:57 GMT
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"Don't Be Fooled, Sanctions Harm The Whole Economy"

A ZANU PF activist has blasted the United States of America Embassy in Harare’s attempt on Thursday to justify the decision to extend sanctions imposed on the Country. Using the Twitter handle mmatigari the activist said:

It is unfortunate that the United States Embassy in Harare crafted a thread to paint a lesser impact of sanctions they have been involved in crafting for 18 yrs.

The fact is that sanctions are ruining the economy and hurting the people.

Two days ago, Trump extended sanctions on Zimbabwe thru an executive order!

Even the most conservative of American analysts who revel in Zimbabwe’s economic trouble like Steve Hanke has spoken out against these sanctions.

While the Embassy is spinning the “targeted” line, don’t be fooled. Here are a few examples of how they affect and harm the economy.

Takunda Chingonzo interviewed Obama in 2014 and told him point blank sanctions ruined his business chances.

Because international banks are fined heavy fines for dealing with Zim entities, the risk of trading with Zimbabwe increases compliance costs. So they avoid transacting with Zimbabwe.

Here is an example of how sanctions affect everyone, including MDC people who begged for them.

Morgan Tsvangirai’s son Richard is in China. He tried to open a bank account there. They refused because Zimbabwe is flagged in New York due to sanctions. He learnt a quick lesson.

Some analysts argue that sanctions are an act of war against a country.

Hornberger concludes that “Either way, the North Korean people are the pawns in all this. They are the ones who are targeted for death by U.S. officials and their sanctions”.

Susan Wareham concluded that sanctions against Iraq in 1999 were A Crime Against Humanity!

Zimbabwe sanctions are a crime against humanity too!

They are a shameful regime change tool.

You must be ashamed of defending sanctions against your own country. It’s shameful. You are Zimbabwean first, not American.

How is a small country like is posing a threat to the US?

American reforms will not be implemented and puppets like you will still suffer sanctions regardless.




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