LISTEN: Mangwana Defends Government Expenditure On US Lobby

4 years ago
Fri, 08 Mar 2019 20:23:41 GMT
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LISTEN: Mangwana Defends Government Expenditure On US Lobby

Speaking to VOA Studio 7 today, Permanent Secretary in the information ministry, Nick Mangwana, defended the government’s move to engage a US Lobby firm aligned to President Doland Trump in the fight to have sanctions against Zimbabwe removed. Mangwana said it is not a waste of money.

Said Mangwana:

“What I can only say is that Zimbabwe is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to ensure that the illegal sanctions imposed upon the nation are removed. So we are doing everything that’s possible, everything that is legal to make sure that the livelihoods of Zimbabweans are improved, and we can only do if we can trade freely, if we can be able to sell our minerals at the appropriate price, on the open market, rather to go using third parties and so forth, losing money. Buying things and selling at a premium. It doesn’t work. So we need sanctions removed.

Asked about the allegations that it is a waste of money, Mangwana responded:

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It’s not a waste money to ensure that investors invest in your own country. It is not a waste of money to ensure that our goods can be sold at the right price on the international market. it is not a waste of money to ensure that our bankers and our banks can also secure finances on the international market at reasonable interest rates. That’s not a waste of money. It’s not a waste of money to ensure that our agriculture is well funded, our mining sector is well funded. We have investment coming into this country. We have skills transfer into this country.

When we put money to make sure these things happen. That’s not money wasted.


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