FULL THREAD: ZANU PF "Mafikizolos'" Rants Should Not Worry Opposition - Magaisa

4 years ago
Sat, 09 Mar 2019 21:28:44 GMT
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FULL THREAD: ZANU PF "Mafikizolos'" Rants Should Not Worry Opposition - Magaisa

Constitutional law expert and academic, Alex T. Magaisa says that the reason why the “Mafikizolos” or newcomers within the ranks of the ruling elite are overzealous is that they want to be accepted by the longstanding regime members. Said Magaisa:

Some wonder why some elites who have joined the regime have become more obnoxious towards the opposition than even longstanding regime members. It’s partly the need to expunge a mental debt they think they owe to the authoritarian regime. They must buy acceptance and trust.

Hence it becomes their singular mission and preoccupation to throw everything at the opposition even to the point of ridiculousness. They don’t know it but longstanding members of authoritarian regimes view this behaviour with a mixture of disdain, ridicule and amusement.

The longstanding regime members aren’t stupid when it comes to matters of power. They know exactly why these elites behave in that manner. Hence privately, longstanding regime members laugh at the overzealousness of the new passengers trying to fit into the gravy train.

The system will throw crumbs at them, giving them high sounding roles which are ultimately peripheral and insignificant. The actual power roles are reserved for longstanding proven loyalists. That’s why ED ignored recommendations of the Prosecutor General and chose his own man.

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Paulo Freire explains this behaviour: “it is a rare peasant who, once “promoted” to an overseer, does not become more of a tyrant towards his former comrades than the owner himself”. I don’t think people should worry over the rants directed at the opposition and its leadership.





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