Full Text: NBSZ Denies Running Short Of Critical Blood Stocks

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Full Text: NBSZ Denies Running Short Of Critical Blood Stocks

Contrary to a report in the Sunday Mail of 10 March 2019, titled: “Zim runs short of critical blood stocks” NBSZ can confirm that Zimbabwe currently has enough stocks for any procedures requiring a transfusion.

NBSZ periodically monitors the bloodbank. Stocks are maintained at 5 days’ supply. Blood has a shelf life of 42 days as such NBSZ can’t overstock the blood bank as this will result in expiries.

Even though the advent of the free blood initiative for all Public Health Institutions has increased demand for blood, NBSZ has managed to meet demand since it’s inception in July 2018

Blood user fees for Government & Private Hospitals were never at a fee of $254. Blood user fees at Government hospitals since 2017:

  • Jan – June 2017 blood user fees were $100 Nov – Dec 2017
  • user fees reduced to $80 Jan -June 2018 fees reduced to $50 July 2018 to date blood is Free.

Blood User fees for Private Health Institutions has been pegged at $120. User fees are set in consultation with the Ministry of Health & Child Care.

All those who want to know more about NBSZ operations, educational tours can be arranged. When NBSZ is running low on blood stocks appropriate channels are used in making urgent appeals for donations.



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