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How People Reacted To ZBC News's Introduction Of A News App

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How People Reacted To ZBC News's Introduction Of A News App

ZBC News announced on Monday that it has introduced an app which allows its viewers to watch news bulletins and programmes from anywhere across the world. Below is how people reacted to the announcement on Twitter:

Shakespeares’ Son Replying to @ZBCNewsonline The comments here I laughed my lungs out! Hope whoever manages this ZBC page will tell the bosses better still @nickmangwana come & see the comments

Nick mangwana Thank you. I have seen the comments. At least ZBC has an engaging following. It would have been worse if there were no comments at all. It would suggest nobody is interested in what they have to say. Negative comments are better than no comments. They help in quality improvement

Lawson Where does zanu find these people.

Nick mangwana Zanu PF does not recruit for the ZBC. It has both a Board and an executive.

gregory mago Kana isina chi lie detector app yacho garayi nayo kuma sub standard studio enyu, coz chokwadi chamogona kutaura inguva ne date chete.

The Guy Who Was Raised From The Dead 😯 ‏ @therefzim Tomorrow’s headline… mega deal for zbc mobile application.

GHOST  Replying to @ZBCNewsonline @flamezzw Kana kesign language hakapinde denga kanonyepera zvirema fty.

Royalty Go and tell your Zanu Pf supporters. Until you start broadcasting news that is accurate, partial and fair coverage …atizi kuzo dwnlodha…speaking on behalf of the 2.6 million Zimbabweans.

DEADPOOL 🇿🇼 🇿🇦 🇳🇦 Don’t Download our ZBC app to watch our news bulletins and programmes from anywhere across the world because we lie and peddle zanu propaganda.

tah_fah 🇿🇼 Zbc shud improve everything starting from The staff…The logo… the news rooms… they report news ..haaaa the list goes on and on …

Raymond Masakadza I would have downloaded the app but you have become a Zanu pf and state propaganda tool, biased reporting, out of touch with reality and you’re not independent, there is so much evidence that you produce your content under a political directive. Please improve if possible.

Jazinda Whenever my DSTV subs has run out, me and my family we watch DSTV Channel 100. ZBC should be an in-house channel at Jongwe Headquarters. The lies you report are too embarrassing. Why You are not ever embarassed is embarrassing.

Goodvibes Only Kuzvitorera ma problems woisa muphone yawakatenga wega NHEVHA! Nenhema dzacho phone ino crasher ukaita loss. Apa tv yenyu inozvikwidza yega volume🤷🏿‍♀️ kuda kutifurira kuti maphone afe tigotadza kuziva zvikuitika TATI NO

Menashi Nyamakawi I love to hear Zim News thank you @ZBCNewsonline . Problem is ZBC and @HeraldZimbabwe report only fiction e.g.$-Bond 1-1 ratio or the country has enough fuel, Nuisance. Thanks to internet we hv a choice, now u can write your rubbish and read it alone.



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