Mwonzora Having Second Thoughts About Challenging Chamisa

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Mwonzora Having Second Thoughts About Challenging Chamisa

Sources who spoke to said MDC secretary general Douglas Mwonzora is reconsidering challenging the party’s current leader Nelson Chamisa.

The sources said Mwonzora may challenge for the vice presidency instead. They also said Mwonzora’s strategic teams were in long meetings discussing the issue. When contacted for a comment, Mwonzora could neither deny nor confirm he was having second thoughts. He said he would make an announcement in the next few days. Said Mwonzora:

The issue of our congress has attracted so much attention some of it from undesirable elements. But it is also important to note that it has attracted attention from Zimbabweans because the MDC is a national institution. A people’s party and whatever we do as leaders will impact on the lives of the people who have sacrificed life and limb to keep the fire of democracy burning in our country against all odds. I have not been nominated yet for any position. However, what I can tell you for now is that I will be making an announcement on the issue in the next few days.




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