Zim Losing Millions In Unpaid Carbon Tax

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Zim Losing Millions In Unpaid Carbon Tax

Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructural Development chairperson Dexter Nduna said Zimbabwe is losing millions of dollars in unpaid carbon tax from airlines and trucks that are using the country’s airspace and road infrastructure respectively.

Nduna said Government needs to tighten measures for the collection of carbon tax to realise value from foreign airlines and long distance trucks that pass through Harare, but do not refuel, thereby prejudicing the fiscus. Nduna said this recently during a climate change sensitisation workshop organised by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Said Nduna:

We are losing millions of dollars to aircraft that overfly our country without landing. We have also been prejudiced of a fortune by those planes that land here, but do not refuel. The same scenario obtains in respect of those long-distance trucks who use our country as a transit exit point, but do not refuel. This is a problem that we have as a country in terms of collecting carbon tax. It has to be levied when one buys fuel. With respect to foreign airlines, we will be engaging the Executive so that they consider engaging the International Air Transport Association to explore ways we can recover our money as a country. We are vigorously pursuing that aspect.

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