How Zimbabweans Reacted To The Video Of A Crying Doctor At Parirenyatwa

4 years ago
Thu, 14 Mar 2019 08:36:30 GMT
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How Zimbabweans Reacted To The Video Of A Crying Doctor At Parirenyatwa

On Wednesday a specialist doctor at Parirenyatwa Hospital, Dr Mashumba, shed tears as she spoke about the lack of basic facilities and medical equipment at the hospital to enable them to do their work.

The video of the crying doctor has since gone viral on social media. Here is how people on Twitter reacted to the video:

This is a disaster we must all urgently fix! Why is it so difficult to deal with our common challenges??

They won’t notice till we put Dr Mashumba on SkyTV.

Fadzayi Mahere 🇿🇼@advocatemahere

The sad state of the public health sector is cause for @edmnangagwa to hang his head in shame. His Govt will spend money on anything – PR, foreign trips, luxury jets, trips to New York/London, Davos, fairy lights, talk shops anything – BUT the welfare of the people. Disgusted.

What happened to the drugs worth $25 million Chiwenga told us about. Was it a satanic narrative?. #Asakhe

This doctor’s passionate and tearful plea is likely to fall on deaf ears. The government would rather listen to that doctor who cried at the Gweru rally because those are the things they always want to hear. Those who watch @ZBCNewsonline, did they air this?

The tragedy is that instead of dealing with the issues she is raising, some members of the regime who earn their living by getting angry on behalf of their bosses will start a witch-hunt against that senior doctor at Parirenyatwa. They will say she’s Western-sponsored.

The breaking point of our service delivery when our doctors reach their breaking point. I salute every health worker who is working under these bad conditions. Basics can’t be that unaffordable, we have our priorities wrong here!

Takunda Mandura It’s so painful, we should not have such situations whereby one goes to the hospital to be worse instead of better

US sanctions on Zimbabwe are choking the health services and the economy. They talk about human rights, yet they are infringing on the human rights of ordinary Zimbabweans.

Heart-wrenching listening to this passionate but desperate doctor pleading for help

For how long should Zimbabweans suffer. We have a President @edmnangagwa that can afford to pay a consultant $500 000/yr to get sanctions removed yet we have no drugs and equipment in hospitals. His wife is attending @UN @UN_CSW to speak about what when she is quiet back home.



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