Beer Prices Increased Again

4 years ago
Sat, 06 Apr 2019 05:25:30 GMT
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Beer Prices Increased Again

The price of clear beer has been increased by

ProductOld Price (RTGS$)New Price (RTGS$)
375 ml green bottle$2 $2.50
750 ml green bottle$4$5
375 ml brown bottle$2$ 2.50
750 ml brown bottle$3.50$4.50

NewZimbabwe reports that retailers are charging different prices depending on the price they buy forex for in order to procure Delta Beverages products. Delta Beverages is by far the largest manufacturer and distributor of beer in Zimbabwe.

One retailer told NewZimbabwe:

We are now buying beer from Delta using a black market rate of RTGS$1 to US$4, 25. In order for me to make profit, I am now selling a 750 ml bottle of green beers for RTGS$7. I am sourcing the forex from the black market where the rates are very low here in Bulawayo.


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