ED Deserves More Time & Goodwill To Push Through Structural Reforms

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ED Deserves More Time & Goodwill To Push Through Structural Reforms

A Herald article has suggested that more time should be given to president Emmerson Mnangagwa for him to push through wide-ranging structural reforms.

It observes that the country is burdened with a lingering economic crisis, natural disasters and economic sanctions by the West. It also suggests that the national dialogue creates a platform for the exchange of political ideas and opinions in a peaceful and respectful environment.

The also said that Zimbabwe has much potential and this can only be unleashed when the incumbent president is given more time to address issues bedeviling the country. Part of the article reads:

In order to unleash this potential, the West should pay more attention to the actions of the Mnangagwa administration rather than the hostile rhetoric of Chamisa. It should not squander this opportunity for change and potentially trigger a return to hardline politics, but support President Mnangagwa as he tackles national unity, a challenging economy and natural disasters among many other issues.

He deserves more time and goodwill to push through wide-ranging structural reforms, and a chance to prove Zimbabwe is genuinely embracing democratic values and principles.

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