Full Thread: Why Political Reforms Are Important To You

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Full Thread: Why Political Reforms Are Important To You

Award-winning journalist and political commentator, Hopewell Chinon’o said that political reforms are imperative as they are the bedrock on which corruption can be fought. He writes:

Why political reforms are important to you? The guy who came 6th in the Prosecutor-General interviews got the job. Corruption cases are being lost & folks like Wicknell who stole millions from you are scot free. Political Reforms would put an end to that. The best are hired.

The new CEOs of Chitungwiza & Harare Hospitals came 3rd & 2nd respectively in job interviews. The one who came first didn’t get the job. Political Reforms would put an end to this & save your lives bcoz these hospitals will kill you if they don’t have the best people running them.

At Parirenyatwa 1 of the best surgeons in Zimbabwe Noah Madziva was forced to resign & today he is now found useful working with South Koreans in a different project. Yet the public system which badly needs him lost his skills. Political Reforms will resolve that abuse of power.

We need a system of governance that retains the best brains & not one like ours that hires friends & relatives of political elites who go on to destroy our public institutions! Government’s role is to set policy & allow the best professionals available to run institutions.

Why would you expect Chitungwiza Hosp to be well run when the best person was denied the CEO job & the 1 who cane number 3rd got hired? Why would you expect Harare Hosp to be top notch when number 2 from Chitungwiza Hosp interviews got the job? Only reforms can change this.

The political elites are refusing political reforms because they benefit financially from this mess. They put their friends to run these hospitals & are given tenders which they inflate and make millions of dollars. They hire their people at NPA to protect their illegal deals.

My fellow citizens, first class solutions require first-class minds & thinking, not mediocre professionals. Zimbabwe is so backward that we need to reset the button. Only POLITICAL REFORMS can save us or a total change of government if they refuse to reform, the choice is yours.

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